A collage for my 2018 onethingaweek projects

Little over a year ago, I started #onethingaweek, a personal journey to make more stuff. The plan was to “make” one “thing” each week, and document that on twitter (or some other social media platform). Definitions of “thing” and “making” are really blurry, as you’ll notice following this. Along the way, I’ve motivated a few others to join me on this journey, and they have done their fair share of really amazing things, which I’ll get to in a later post. But for now, here’s what I made in 2018.

The only “proper” collection of this is on twitter, so I worked through my tweets of last year to make a list of all the things I made throughout the year. You can find it at the end of this post. I was surprised by the content of the list. First off because I didn’t remember many things that I had made throughout the year. And second because I didn’t miss as many weeks as I thought I did.

I could go all analytical on it, but it really doesn’t matter, does it? There were a lot of projects where I learned a lot, like welding, sewing, woodworking, etc. And I had a lot of fun doing it. So, on to this year. I’ll try to do the same thing again, one thing a week, a picture or two of it up on twitter, and that’s it. I also hope to engage more people, but more on that in another post.

Calendar Week First day of the week Last day of the week Project
CW01 01.01. 07.01. Built a video synthesizer and did some experiments with it
CW02 08.01. 14.01. Held a LoRaWAN introduction workshop
CW03 15.01. 21.01. Held a MediaWiki editing lightning talk
CW04 22.01. 28.01. Organized a TTN Munich Meetup
CW05 29.01. 04.02. Built the Precious Plastic Oven
CW06 05.02. 11.02. Organized a synthesizer meetup
CW07 12.02. 18.02. Learned to weld and build a tea light , also Learning basic sewing
CW08 19.02. 25.02. Built a bench from pallets
CW09 26.02. 04.03. Replanted my tomato plants
CW10 05.03. 11.03. Held a LoRaWAN gateway building workshop
CW11 12.03. 18.03. Finished my MuMaLab storage box
CW12 19.03. 25.03. Welded the frame of the Precious Plastic injection molding machine
CW13 26.03. 01.04. Painted the pallet bench
CW14 02.04. 08.04. Made some fixes on my Community Calendar project
CW15 09.04. 15.04. Messed around with some LoRaWAN sensors
CW16 16.04. 22.04. Fixed up an old welding chipping hammer
CW17 23.04. 29.04. (nothing)
CW18 30.04. 06.05. Built our Precious Plastic shredder
CW19 07.05. 13.05. Repaired our Precious Plastic shredder
CW20 14.05. 20.05. Held a synthesizer workshop
CW21 21.05. 27.05. Baked some bread and wrote some privacy policies
CW22 28.05. 03.06. Worked on my small CNC mill
CW23 04.06. 10.06. (nothing ?)
CW24 11.06. 17.06. (nothing?)
CW25 18.06. 24.06. Attempted to fix the MuMaLab TTN gateway
CW26 25.06. 01.07. Made some space for the Precious Plastic Workshop at MuMaLab
CW27 02.07. 08.07. Planned out the MuMaLab Kitchen
CW28 09.07. 15.07. Made the MuMaLab Gaming Corner work
CW29 16.07. 22.07. (nothing ?)
CW30 23.07. 29.07. (nothing ?)
CW31 30.07. 05.08. Fixed the MuMaLab chat bot
CW32 06.08. 12.08. Fixed the MuMaLab chat bot again
CW33 13.08. 19.08. Built an insect hotel
CW34 20.08. 26.08. Fixed our Precious Plastic shredder
CW35 27.08. 02.09. Fixed our Precious Plastic shredder
CW36 03.09. 09.09. Did some work on our Precious Plastic injection machine and made two molds
CW37 10.09. 16.09. (nothing ?)
CW38 17.09. 23.09. Ran 10k at Tegernsee Lauf
CW39 24.09. 30.09. Held a LoRaWAN gateway building workshop
CW40 01.10. 07.10. Attempted to fix the MuMaLab TTN gateway again
CW41 08.10. 14.10. Harvested the last tomatoes from the balcony
CW42 15.10. 21.10. Cooked a lot of apple sauce
CW43 22.10. 28.10. Built two compost boxes
CW44 29.10. 04.11. (vacation)
CW45 05.11. 11.11. (vacation)
CW46 12.11. 18.11. (vacation)
CW47 19.11. 25.11. (vacation)
CW48 26.11. 02.12. Repaired my yoga mat bag
CW49 03.12. 09.12. Fixed my Community Calendar project again
CW50 10.12. 16.12. Baked a lot of Christmas cookies
CW51 17.12. 23.12. Lasercut some stencils for Seebrücke München
CW52 24.12. 30.12. Build a joule thief and a LoRaWAN node

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