The other day, I was rambling on Twitter about needing to share my work, putting my self out there, partially because I had starte to read “Show your work” by Austin Kleon.

As mentioned, I’ve had the design for this website in the digital drawer for a while, but never quite finished it. Part of that was because I wanted to integrate the content from my older blog(s) as well, which turned out to be quite hard.

Also, there have been so many projects I had worked on over the past few years that putting them all in here with some proper documentation or at least a small paragraph seemed almost impossible.

Well, now here we are. I’m putting myself out there (or rather here) right now. I don’t have all projects properly documented, and there are some quirks to the design I’m not quite happy with. So expect stuff to change. But it’s a start, and that seemed necessary.

While working on this today, I took some time to get some other things I rambled about in those tweets in place. So if you are interested in hearing from me via email every once in a while, sign up to my newsletter. And if you like what I’ve been up to so far, and want me to do more of that, you can buy me a cup of tea, and I’ll be super thankful for that.